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submit your slogans Submit Your Slogans you can send us your slogans. Did you ever think of a witty phrase and don't know what to do with it? Well, now it can become part of something that will help others. Simply send the slogans you thought of to us. If you wish, your name will be posted to our Slogan Contributors Wall. The slogans we are looking for are composed of a few words not long sentences. Not all slogans can be accepted because they may be the same or very similar to others we already have in our slogans database. But you can contribute and in that way help others with their slogan writing efforts. Obviously the people who visit this site need help writing slogans and they come here to get ideas. You would also help support this site by helping to build our slogan database which has hundreds of slogans. Submit Your Slogans now to help the internet community create their slogans for a business or website.

If you don't want your real name posted to our Slogan Contributors Wall enter an alias and we will post that name.

Because of spam we abandoned our submission form and instead supplied the address below. It would be helpful if you used the format below to make sure everything you send is correctly understood by us the way you intended.

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We do not give out ANY of your information to anyone it will only be used to enable you to submit your slogans. If you check the box to post your name, then it will be posted, if you enter an alias that will be posted instead. You can also write Anonymous as your real name. If you requested a reply you will be contacted by email within 24 hours.

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